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Get an amazing lasting natural glow with our BRIGHTEN Luxury Clay Mask.  One of our best selling products, sure to be a staple in your self care routine, this blend consist of brightening TUMERIC, Vitamin C enriched CARROT & healing CLAYS will naturally work to fade acne dark spots, brighten dull looking skin, reverse signs of premature aging, treat eczema, reverse hyperpigmentation and give you healthy looking glowing skin.!! 

TO USE: Mix 1 tbsp. powder with 1 tbsp. liquid of choice (water, Apple cider vinegar, yogurt) *depending on desired acidity *, apply to face using facial brush or hands, leave on 10-15 mins, (mask will change from creamy consistency to cracked consistency as it dries), gently remove with damp towel. Repeat 1-3x/week or as needed. 

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