Our Story

Hi beautiful! My name is Deidre, and I am the proud owner of Blossom Beauty & Wellness Company. I started this business back in 2015, after suffering from horrible postpartum hair loss from having my 2nd child in 2013.  The experience was horrible, I had hair coming out in clumps in the shower and my entire hairline was gone.

l needed something to restore my hair and my confidence, but at that time nothing I could find was truly natural, as I was breastfeeding and didn’t want any toxins passing into my breast milk.


After numerous attempts and no luck, I finally decided that I would have to create it myself!!


Fast forward to now, our little growth oil has blessed thousands of men and women around the world, we expanded to skincare, then to wellness and we now have our products sold in multiple stores as well.


Even from the beginning, it was never just about selling products for me, even though our products are absolutely amazing, it’s always been bigger than that.  The goal is to inspire, to uplift and to bring awareness to natural beauty and natural products.


Our mission is to nurture the body, elevate the mind and uplift the souls of our customers. Welcome to Blossom Beauty & Wellness Company, where we curate with love, no artificial preservatives, dyes or fragrances.