Collection: CALM collection




We would like to introduce to you our new “CALM” collection from Blossom Beauty & Wellness Co. Specifically curated for those who suffer with sensitive skin, and includes a healing skin oil, gentle exfoliant and nourishing cleansing bar. 


This collection features the skin soothing blend of LAVENDER, CALENDULA and RAW HONEY!


(Plus it smells amazing btw!)


—->>lavender has natural antifungal properties and reduces inflammation, and can be used to treat eczema and psoriasis and helps to cleanse your skin and lessen redness + irritation.


—->>Calendula is a must have ingredient for sensitive or inflamed skin. It naturally has antioxidizing and anti-inflammatory effects, and skin-soothing properties for eczema, psoriasis and inflammation.


—->>Honey is definitely the go to with it’s antibacterial and-anti-inflammatory properties, and it nurtures the skin and helps seal in moisture.



At Blossom we strive to not only bring you luxury, but also real products for real people who suffer from real issues as well 🌱

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All my sensitive babies.. grab this collection today!! Thank me later ❤️

CALM collection